Chamada aberta para Arte Postal - Parque Longe


Open Call
for Mail Art – Parque Longe

Deadline for sending: 22 July 2019
Presentation date: 10 and 11 August 2019, , at the Feira Tijuana,
Parque Lage School of Visual Arts, Rio de Janeiro

Every invitation we receive to participate in a Mail Art project is part of the guerilla war against the Big Monster. Every Mail Art piece is a weapon thrown against the Monster who is the owner of the Castle, who separates us one from the others, all of us. What or who is the monster I am talking about? Do I mean the Minister of Communications? Or, do I mean the technology they use and control? Do I mean those little, colourful pieces of glued paper that we must buy every time we post something? To tell you the truth, I do not know exactly what or whom I am talking about. All I know is that there is a Monster. And that by posting all sorts of Mail pieces I am knocking at his door.
Ulises Carrión, 1981

In the 1960s and 70s, Mail Art was an important medium that allowed for a decentralized communication between artists from Latin America. Mail Art established new circuits outside of the dominant system of galleries and museums and in many cases led to the creation of magazines and artist publications. During this time the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts was also founded (1975).

In the current moment when the pressure is on all of us, some more than others, we return to exploring this art form, because we need more ideas, we need to be more in touch, we need to reappropriate existing networks, we need to hear from faraway parts of the country and the world. We’re calling artists and students from schools in all corners of the country and from other countries too.

What is Mail Art today, in digital times? Sometimes it makes sense to do things that don’t seem to make sense. But we are interested in both options: the tactile and material work, and digital immaterial production.

During the Feira Tijuana [independent art publishing fair] at Parque Lage this year, we will present all the Mail Art submissions* that we receive. We hope it will be a significant presentation of diverse contributions. As Ulises Carrión said, “it counts how hard you are knocking. How can we measure the intensity of our knocking? By the echo we produce, obviously.”

Ana Luiza Fonseca, Ulisses Carrilho, Tanja Baudoin

Please take into account the following specifications for entry:
1. Mail Art: using the postal services, send the works to the following address:
EAV Parque Lage
Setor: Biblioteca
Rua Jardim Botânico, 414
Rio de Janeiro, 22461-000
Format and material: no restrictions on the material, but it must be possible to hang the work with a peg.
Please include an A4 with your full name and digital address.

2. Digital works: send the works to the following digital address: with the subject: MAIL ART
Format: jpg, jpeg, gif. Maximum size: 1MB.
Please include your full name and digital address in the email.

3. The deadline of 22 July is the final moment you can send a work (the date on the post stamp, or the email), not the date we receive the work.

4. Racist, machist, classist, transphobic and homophobic content is excluded without mercy or compassion.

5. During the presentation at the Feira Tijuana in August 2019, the names of the artists will be listed in the physical space and online. Sign your work if you think it’s crucial to communicate your authorship. Include your home address if you would like to receive responses.

6. The school doesn’t have resources to return submitted works. All the sent material will remain in the possession of the school.

7. All the works will enter the Memória Lage archive of the school (, physically or digitally. A special capsule will contain all the physical entries. The school holds the right to show or publish (a selection of) works at other occasions in the future and in other places.

8. If you live near, visit the Library of the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts to view the books we have about Mail Art.
You can also participate as exhibitor at the 24th Feira Tijuana of Art Publishing at the Parque Lage School of Visual Arte sign up here.